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About Us

Rishi Health Care, needs no introduction. The company has brought immense happiness in couples’ lives through its MX STAMINA CAPSULES.

These capsules have not only improved couples’ libido, but also strengthened their bonding. If we go by the research, sexual incompatibility has affected institution of marriage. A decade back, marriage vows stand for a lasting commitment. Today lack of tolerance and carnal pleasure has weakened the bond.

The world is evolving, so the bedrooms.

The world is changing so the country, live in relationship is not considered taboo any more. Women are independent and they do not discuss sex behind the curtains. They adore affectionate males but then he should be equally hot in bed. Males with a below average sexual urge aren’t considered cool types. Truth is, such males crave for female attention, and sometimes they feel uneasy when they do not get admiring glances.

Men behave like a man, and women won’t take them as a meek rat keeping this thought in the mind, Rishi Health Care has prepared MX STAMINA CAPSULES. These magical capsules are mixture of natural ingredients which are male stamina booster

Do these capsules really make a difference?

So many pills are available in the market, all pills aren’t miraculous. Some companies sell innocuous herbs in the name of libido improvement capsules, so before consuming these pills or herbs check their authenticity.

As far there is a question about these capsules

The answer to this question is yes, these capsules are blend of some rare natural ingredients.

Recent scientific tests and analysis have revealed ingredients found in the capsules help to improve Penis size. While making the capsules, there is no compromise on quality.

What to do if you are not satisfied with our product?

We all are same, but our adaptability and suitability is different. If you are not satisfied with these capsules, you can return the tablets on the given address. We would like to mention, we only take unused and unpacked bottles. And the parcel charges are paid by the user. Go through the terms and conditions before ordering the product.

How to consume these capsules?

Consuming the capsules isn’t rocket science. But more important thing is, you should have faith in yourself. If you have faith, than you will definitely achieve concrete results.

Take two capsules in a day. One in the morning, and the next dose at night. You can take these capsules with water or milk.

Are these capsules effective?

Yes, they are effective. Once you start consuming these capsules, your sexual urge accentuates. You would like to see your wife more in bed than in the kitchen.

What are other ways to kindle sexual chemistry?

There are various ways to woo your partner. Gift her black chocolate; you can also smear chocolate on her boobs and then lick it; to enhance your sexual compatibility, you can also share spoons, forks and savor chocolate ice cream. Not to mention, designer lingerie also invokes Kama sutra feeling.